Cooper Riach

I am so proud to be standing as your Greens state candidate. I’ve lived here with my family in the small town of Bundeena, on Dharawal country, since 2014.

As an activist in the community, I have helped in the campaign against Peabody’s Helensburgh coal mine and their relentless pollution of the Royal National Park. As a graduate with a Bachelor of Science, I am dismayed that our scientists are being ignored in the policy making process.

As a young local, I dream of a sustainable, more community oriented future for our beautiful seat of Heathcote. Despite facing a cost-of-living crisis, as well as an ever-worsening climate and biodiversity crisis, I have so much hope for our future. We already have the knowledge and the material means to solve these crises, we simply need the political will to act.

With more Greens in both houses of parliament we can push the next government to implement the solutions we already know we can achieve. There is so much we can do!

In state parliament I will push to:

  • Restore funding to our public sector to improve our failing education standards and to revive a healthcare system on life support, as well as give nurses and teachers a well deserved pay rise.
  • Reverse the trend of privatisation which has run rampant under the NSW Liberals and resulted in the degradation of so many of our essential services.
  • Invest more in local public schools, local public and active transport, local produce, and other wonderful community initiatives.
  • Bolster our emergency services to protect our vulnerable communities from the effects of an already changing climate.
  • Explore affordable, sustainable public housing options, as well as improve renters rights to tackle our rental/housing crisis.
  • Move beyond coal & gas to protect our beloved environments, secure cheaper, more reliable energy and avoid tipping into inhospitable levels of warming, all without ignoring the workers in old energy industries who have powered our state for generations.

If elected I will work with my fellow Greens to achieve all this and more. I am eager to employ evidence-based policies which put community and ecological needs at the forefront, whilst embracing the wisdom and perspectives of our First Nations people. I dream of a future where politics works for people, not profit. Together we will do so much better.