Courtney Buckley

Candidate for Strathfield

Howdy, I'm Courtney, your Greens candidate for Strathfield in the 25th March NSW State Election!

As your community advocate, I will tirelessly campaign for our healthcare system to be adequately-funded, and for NSW to catch-up with the rest of Australia in ensuring nurse-to-patient ratios - because health is every person's foundation.

As your community advocate, I will relentlessly push for genuine renter's rights and for well-rounded support for those trying to buy their first home - because a home is vital to safety.

As your community advocate, I will wholeheartedly fight for a transition of pokies out of pubs and clubs, and to support these newly pokies-free businesses with developing their live music and community events culture - because nourishing environments enable us to share with our community.

Our community comes first.

Our health and wellbeing, our housing security and home, our safe and enriching neighbourhoods.

Australian politics needs a shakeup. Both major parties are putting the interests of their big corporate donors ahead of what really matters for our community. Together, we can ensure everyone in Strathfield has access to affordable, good-quality and accessible housing, in a neighbourhood with adequately-funded healthcare services and staff, and a neighbourhood vibrant with live music instead of predatory pokies. 

Your vote is powerful. 

For a staunch and honest voice advocating for you in parliament, vote for Courtney Buckley and The Greens this State Election.