Crisetta MacLeod

Greens Candidate for Strathfield

Hi, I'm Crisetta.

I’m running because it’s clear residents in the electorate of Strathfield want to vote for The Greens. Together, we can ensure that common sense will finally prevail in our efforts to slow climate change and that renewable energy sources replace fossil fuels.

I've been a member of Ashfield Greens for many years, and we are excited to see our neighbours in Strathfield becoming very active too.

I have three adult children, all professional musicians. My own first career was as a professional French Horn player and teacher. I want to see music become available to all schoolchildren.

I came to Australia as a ten-pound-pom in 1958 and went to Flinders University to get a Dip. Ed, then moved on to a PhD. I have 20 years clinical experience as a psychologist. Since retirement, and dismayed at the way my beloved Oz was being misgoverned, I became passionately involved in all things Green.

The time is ripe for voters to choose common sense – on climate change, housing, offshore detention and drug legislation. The Greens are the party for common sense, fairness and respect. And unlike the two major parties, Greens NSW does not accept corporate donations.

Together, we can tackle climate change by rapidly transitioning to renewable energy; we can work towards housing for all of us, not just the rich who are playing Monopoly with our homes; we can treat refugees with compassion, not use them cruelly as political pawns; we can take the dirty money out of politics; and we can honour the owners of the land we love.

I want the driving force in government to not be capital gain, but instead fairness and respect for us all - the needs, hopes, and future of every Australian.

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