David Maurice

Candidate for Londonderry

I have lived and worked in Londonderry since 2012. As the eldest child of a single-parent household and as someone who has chronic illnesses and pain, I am very passionate about the rights and living standards for families and children in Australia's welfare system, and for the rights of disabled people doing their best around the hurdles Australia sets up for them. I'm very passionate about politics, having helped in election campaigns starting at 17 growing up in suburban Melbourne, wanting to achieve positive outcomes for all Australians. I have a degree in Mathematics and am currently working at the Western Sydney University (WSU) where I am working on projects that:

  • have helped enable WSU achieve a #1 world ranking in sustainable development goals
  • are assisting WSU in making sure that they can achieve their goals of being the University that serves the residents of Western Sydney

I want to be able to fight for the people of Londonderry - from where I live here in St Marys, to the residents of the new suburbs around Melonba, and the often-waterlogged residents around Londonderry itself.

Challenges face us here, as existing bushland is cleared for new housing without thought of the infrastructure and services the people actually need. We see the current Government want to move ahead with raising the Warragamba Dam wall, regardless of Aboriginal sites and wildlife, in an effort to zone the land for their developer mates. As we've experienced over the past few years, these floodplains will mean massive insurance costs for landowners, let alone the isolation and repair of flood damage. We need to remember what has been allowed to happen with sinking houses in Jordan Springs.

The Greens stand against this brazen government sponsored developer land grab.

For me, The Greens represent good policy for a fairer Australia. Western Sydney represents 63% of NSW gambling losses, and we want to be able to help people with a gambling addiction by allowing them to control their own limits and not be stuck chasing one final win.

Similarly, The Greens want to minimise drug harm by decriminalizing and taxing drugs like cannabis and MDMA, treat them as we do with alcohol, and provide community mental, rehabilitation and health support with those taxes, as jailing addicts has not worked. Other countries, including America, have allowed their people to use CBD oil to help manage pain, and I feel it is well beyond time that this is moved out of the hands of a handful of expensive specialist, so average people can find non-opiate pain relief.