Dominic WY Kanak

Dominic WY Kanak is a proud first nations man and long-term community activist, passionate about justice for all peoples and the planet.  

As a Waverley Councillor since 1999, Dominic has delivered for the Bondi community at the grassroots. He has advocated for climate action, fought for good quality community services, helped stop the privatisation of public assets and increased First Nation employment at Waverley council. 

On council, he has witnessed the values and needs of the community being ignored by the major parties who consistently privilege special interests like coal and gas, property developers and the gambling industry. In Vaucluse he has seen the impacts of these policy decisions from the erosion on the beaches, people being priced out of the area and pokies machines devastating the lives of friends and family. 

“My primary goal as an elected representative is to stand for a fairer NSW, for fixing the rigged political system that only seems to serve the interests of big business and the politicians they pay. I want to see our community shaped by the people who live in it.”

As a Torres Strait Islander grandfather of an Erub-Epi Murri-Yorta Yorta family, Dominic respects the sovereign caring for country that has been provided by First Nations’ culture since time immemorial. Dominic's vision is grounded in principles of Aboriginal custodianship and love for country. If elected as State MP he will play an influential role in advancing the truth-telling and treaty process, including raising the age of criminal responsibility and expanding land rights. 

Dominic is an advocate that has created real change at a local level. He has fought for the community and now it's time to bring this fight to parliament.