Dominic WY KANAK

Dominic WY Kanak is a proud first nations man and long-term community activist, passionate about justice for all peoples and the planet.  


As a Waverley Councillor since 1999, Dominic has delivered for the Bondi community at the grassroots. He knows why the values of the Wentworth community are consistently ignored in Canberra/by the Morrison government and is passionate about delivering a federal ICAC to ensure integrity in government decision making and outcomes that reflect community values, particularly around action on climate change and justice for first Australians. 

“The Greens stand for a fairer Australia, for protecting our future and fixing the rigged political system that only seems to serve the interests of big business and the politicians they pay.”

As a Torres Strait Islander grandfather of a Murri-Yorta-Yorta Family, Dominic respects the care for the country that has been provided by Aboriginal people over tens of thousands of years of continuous culture. Dominic's vision is for principles of Aboriginal custodianship and love for country, to be central to Australia's response to the global climate emergency. 

“We must care for our country - but while coal and fossil fuel companies call the shots in federal parliament, Australia's record on climate action continues to go backwards. We are missing out on the opportunity to deliver a thriving and secure renewable energy sector, avoid the most severe impacts of climate change and ensure our planet is safe for future generations."

As a first Australian himself, Dominic will play an influential role if elected as a federal MP in advancing the Uluru statement from the heart and a voice to Parliament for first nations people - at a time in Australia's history where the mood for change is alive and desire to deliver meaningful justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples is felt by communities across Australia. 

"We have a once in a generation opportunity to achieve justice - and that starts by recognising the special place first Australians have in our nation's history as well as our future. The quality of life my children and grandchildren will enjoy depends on this, as does healing the pain of our nation's greatest shame".