Dylan Green

I’m a 24 year-old Wollongong local and I’m passionate about how we can change from a society dependent on fossil fuels to one that makes the most of the great opportunities that a sustainable future offers.

My previous work has included investigating the climate credentials of Australia's largest corporates, and I have recently been contributing to a carbon capture start up company. I believe the people of Cunningham deserve a strong, progressive voice in Canberra.

I aim to be clear-eyed in the problems our society faces and bold in envisioning the future we could create. I’ve been involved in several local campaigns for environmental protection and social reform. These campaigns ask our government to improve their policies on climate change, refugees, social support, health, education and taxation. Both the major parties are lacking on so many fronts, but the rest of us don’t have to be. This is why I have put my hand up to be your candidate in this Federal election. 

The Greens have policies that will improve those aspects of life that matter to all of us: free education, free healthcare, affordable housing, fairer taxation, a safe climate. Some policies that are closest to my heart include improving Australia’s treatment of refugees, and addressing climate change by changing our carbon-intensive workforce into industries of the future.

Together we can achieve this and we can create a fairer and more sustainable society.