Eleanor Spence

Greens Candidate for Myall Lakes

Hi, I'm Eleanor (Ellie) Spence.

As Greens candidate for the seat of Myall Lakes, I’m ready to serve the people of the beautiful Manning-Great Lakes area free of any obligations to big corporations. I am a Registered Nurse who is passionate about the environment, education, health and social justice. I’m also a keen ‘parkrun’ participant and bushwalker.

I moved to this region over 35 years ago, living most of the time here in Wingham. There have been a lot of changes locally over the decades, but not all are positive. Our natural environment remains under serious threat. My awareness of social justice issues and environmental challenges has grown steadily since childhood. I joined the Greens in 2003 when their policy decisions showed an integrity that was sadly lacking in the major parties. That choice feels as right today as it did then.

As a Registered Nurse I understand first hand the serious health challenges that face all Australians. More needs to be done in aged care and health promotion. Our rural postcodes shouldn’t define the standard of health care we receive. There is also a lot more we can do to improve our streetscapes and green spaces, making healthy lifestyles much more achievable.

We’re only tinkering at the edges when it comes to action on climate change. The existing government is stubbornly resistant to the weight of evidence; their ‘action’ is little more than pretence. There is much more progress that can be made if we unshackle ourselves from the fossil fuel industry.

Together, let’s:

  • Tackle climate change by moving to renewable energy and phasing out coal power.
  • Adequately fund health services, schools and TAFE.
  • Make safe Aged Care staffing ratios into law.
  • End the inhumane and costly offshore detention of asylum seekers.

With no need to give ‘value for money’ to large corporate donors, I’ll be voting in parliament according to my conscience and the needs of our community. Together we can find creative solutions that will build a fairer, healthier more inclusive society. Success that can be measured not just in dollar terms, but in quality of life.

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