Elizabeth O'Hara

Candidate for Northern Tablelands

I am passionate about social equity, political integrity and environmental action, and am delighted to stand for The Greens with our raft of policies to address these issues to ensure a safe and healthy life for future generations.

Social equity means ensuring everyone in our community across the Northern Tablelands has access to good quality, affordable housing; world-class public schools, hospitals, transport networks and justice.

The Greens’ commitment to environmental action, including ending native forest logging and a just transition to a new renewable economy are vital to the Northern Tablelands, especially as we find ourselves in the largest of the Renewable Energy Zones. By returning the energy network to public hands, we can work together with the community across New England to manage strong climate action and phase out coal and gas.

In this election, we have the opportunity to turn back the tide of privatisation, to bring integrity back to politics, to remove the stain of political manipulation through corporate sponsorship of political parties and  to improve public participation in the democratic processes through The Greens’ practice of community decision making.

I am fortunate to have had a career as a High School teacher and to have lived in the Northern Tablelands all my life; together with many others in the region, I value the extraordinary beauty of the natural world around us which we hold in trust for future generations.

We know that we must be vigilant to protect our water and food security and to create a fairer world. The Greens are the only party in a position to do this through our policies and the balance of power in both houses.