Greg Clancy

Greens Candidate for Clarence

Hi, I'm Greg Clancy.

I'm an ecologist and birding/wildlife guide. For the past two years, I've been a councillor on Clarence Valley Council and a voice for change. I've lived in the Clarence for more than 40 years. I'm not a born-and-bred local, but my father and his family were, so this region is in my blood.

My vision is for a healthy, prosperous and united community that respects our natural world. Social and environmental values are not at odds with a good economic base. Development and employment need to enhance our region, not degrade it. Small businesses and the self-employed are our economic backbone. They need support to prosper and provide work to our many unemployed residents who deserve self-respect. Ecotourism and renewable energy have great potential. We must also retain public services and their jobs which are vital to our local economy.

It’s frustrating that we have no government action to stabilise our climate and plan for change. NSW lags behind other states. As CO2 emissions continue to rise, our beaches disappear and floods, heatwaves and droughts worsen, our kids will become increasingly incredulous at our failure to act.

TAFE facilities and the University Outreach Centre need to be maintained. The new private gaol may be good for jobs but we need to reduce incarceration rates.

Cobalt, gold, silver, copper and antimony mines should not be allowed in our catchments, nor should we allow coal seam gas mining to ever return.

I oppose schemes to create a mega-port at Yamba and to dam the Clarence to divert its water west. The Richmond River needs action: water running to the sea is not ‘wasted’ – it supports the health of our wetlands, estuaries and our fishing industries.

Politics today is driven by corporate donations and lobbyists for the benefit of big business and the wealthy, not our communities. The Greens NSW does not accept donations from corporations, so we can't be bought. Our policies are based on ecological sustainability, grassroots democracy, social justice, peace and nonviolence.

We can change the future. We have to! Time is running out. We need strong Greens voices in Parliament for the action we need now.

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