Heather Armstrong

I’m a retired federal prosecutor for the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, standing for The Greens to help oust this disastrous coalition government.  I’m running to make sure the people of Lane Cove are heard, on climate change, environmental protection, transport and sustainable housing. 

I have longstanding connections with Lane Cove and have lived in Hunter’s Hill since 2002. I graduated in sociology & law from the University of NSW, and obtained a master of laws from the University of Sydney. I worked as a solicitor in private practice, then with the State and Commonwealth  Law Reform Commissions, before moving into federal public prosecutions, retiring in 2016.

In the late 1990s, my former husband Michael Mobbs and I converted our terrace house to become self-sufficient in energy, water and waste disposal. The sustainable house, as it is known, is an educational trail blazer which has inspired countless renovations, and remains open for public tours.

I am passionate about restoring native bushland. I volunteer with the Friends of Buffalo Creek and the Great North Walk bush care group and am a member of the Hunters Hill Bushland Management Advisory Committee. Since 2016, my husband, Dr Allan Coles, and I have been working to restore degraded RMS land at Huntleys Point by creating a native forest and understory for bird habitat. 

We need the state government to stop allowing miners, developers and land owners free reign to destroy farmland, native forests, bushland and our natural environmental assets. Environmental and social considerations have lost out to private development profits since the Coalition gained government. Nature, and our communities, need the Greens to defend against this destruction. 

Using my legal skills and experience, I am well equipped to fight against this onslaught, and advocate for the environment, justice, equality and the people of Lane Cove.