Heather Foord

Candidate for Swansea

Hi, I’m Heather Foord and I'm running for the Greens because I'm tired of seeing people in my community fall through the cracks. For too long I I've seen people struggle to find work, access mental health care, or receive an adequate living allowance. It's time for our politicians to put its people first, particularly our most vulnerable.

Growing up in Lake Macquarie, I knew the region was the perfect place to start a family and after living in Sydney (The Big Smoke) for almost a decade for work, I came home to settle in 2017. Now with two children under the age of five, I want us to do everything we can to fight the climate crisis and ensure our children and grandchildren can enjoy Swansea’s beautiful beaches, bays and bush.

I have worked in media for more than a decade, concentrating on health journalism. I have a Bachelor in Communications, a Diploma of Pilates and am completing a Bachelor in Health Science. I am also a member of the Wallarah Rural Fire Service and owns two pelvic floor and core rehabilitation studios in Sydney and Lake Macquarie. I'm also acutely aware of the importance of the creative arts industry to society and how much our talented artists and performers have struggled over the last few years, which is why I'll continue to advocate for continual support of this industry.