Hilary Green

Candidate for Pittwater

Hi - I’m Hilary Green and I’m excited to be the Greens candidate in beautiful Pittwater in 2023.

This election we have a golden opportunity to affect System Change by electing more Greens to both Houses of Parliament.

It goes without saying that the Greens will demand grassroots democracy and a transparent, accountable and ethical government which will work for the greater good for people and the planet. We always have!

After years of activism on so many fronts, I have a great opportunity to step up, speak up and push for change. I am passionate about a range of Greens policies, in particular: 

  • sincerely tackling the climate crisis, 

  • stopping state government-sanctioned destruction of our beautiful environment,

  • fixing our broken public education and health systems, 

  • demanding that public transport is electrified, abundant and in PUBLIC hands, and 

  • purging our clubs and pubs of thieving poker machines.

I worked as a teacher for 42 years - 12 as a high school teacher and three decades in universities. I have a PhD in Statistics. Statistics is based on common sense - so are the Greens policies. An adept listener, investigator and problem solver, I know how to work with those from all walks of life.  

Hilary also worked as cleaner and nanny whilst studying, and being a single mother - leading a hyper-busy life whilst remaining organised and on-task; life experience which will enable me to be a competent and responsive MP.