Hilary van Haren

Candidate for Gosford

Hi, I’m Hilary van Haren,

Successive governments in NSW have failed our community and our environment. I’m running for the Greens because I’m confident we can move beyond corruption, private interests, and short-term decisions to a government that strives for positive social and environmental change.

I was lucky to grow up on the Central Coast and spent my childhood enjoying the lakes, beaches and bushland that make up our region. There was no doubt I would return to raise my own family here.

I love how generous, inclusive, and resilient this community is, despite increasing hardship and cost-of-living pressures.   

Throughout my legal career, I’ve been involved in the most complex social policy areas for our electorate, including children’s services, housing, homelessness, and disability support. I have also been proud to work with some of our leading charities to support people in our community experiencing hardship.

I have seen the enormous impact government decisions can have on the lives of individuals and on the organisations that support them.

I want to see a government in NSW that listens to communities and acts in their interests. A government that makes decisions on their merits, not in the interests of developers or corporate donors. I want to see fairness and transparency in government. These things are not only possible but achievable at this election.

We have an opportunity to build on the momentum of the Federal Election and show the major parties that we expect more.

Together, we can: 

  • ensure every person in our community has access to good quality, affordable housing
  • tackle climate change by rapidly transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy
  • fund world-class public schools, hospitals, and transport networks, and
  • restore integrity to politics and end dirty donations.

I’m optimistic about what can be achieved in our community and our region. Together we can create a fairer and more sustainable future for all of us.