Isaac Nasedra

Candidate for Bankstown

I am running as your Greens candidate for the seat of Bankstown because it is important that we give our people a better chance for our community to thrive, and leave the next generation, a healthier planet to live. I stand by the Greens because we put people over profit. We have no corporate ties, nor we do take any corporate donations. We will deliver on our promises without the shackles of corporate pressures holding us back.

I am the son of migrants who travelled across the Pacific ocean in search of a better opportunity for me and my siblings. Some of my earliest memories is getting up early in the morning to help my granddad plant and pull taro on his farm in Fiji. Now, a lot of farms in Fiji and across the world are struggling due to the unpredictable patterns in weather due to climate change. In order to prevent catastrophic change, not just for my family in Fiji, but across the world, and especially here in Australia, we must ensure a swift and urgent transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energies.

I have dealt with racism and unfair treatment my whole life, and I will work tirelessly to ensure that, everyone, regardless of background, skin colour, orientation, gender, has a fair go. What Bankstown had to go through, during the Pandemic while other areas continued living as normal, was unjust and discriminatory. That is why I strongly back the Greens to Stop Over policing, promote Anti-Racism and repeal anti-protest laws to ensure each and everyone of us has the democratic right to be heard, regardless of our beliefs.

I also believe in bettering the standard of living for all people. I’ve seen too many of our people struggle to make ends meet. Cost of living is at an all time high, and the current government doesn’t seem to be doing much about it. The median rent for Bankstown is higher than the average, while the median wage is drastically lower (ABS). This is outrageous and needs to change. I will be committed to scrapping the public sector wages cap, to ensure more money for public sector workers ensuring better conditions for teachers, nurses, and all those who kept this country running when we were in lockdown. We promise to invest significant money in lowering energy prices, and fully fund public education. We have also seen renters being taken advantage of, especially during hard times. This is why I will work towards freezing rent prices and ending unfair eviction, to make sure that renters aren’t being exploited.

Parliament should be a representation of the people and their needs. There should be no reason why politicians are able to get high paying jobs from lobbyists relating to their previous portfolio. There should be full transparency when it comes to the inner workings of those who are meant to represent us. No more dodgy deals or dubious brown paper bags. The Greens plan to ban corporate donations to all political parties, and ensure there is a cooling off period for politicians before they are permitted to work in jobs related to their previous portfolio. I stand for doubling the funding for ICAC to ensure that the fight against corruption isn’t limited by the government of the day. It is also imperative that we get transparency across the board, so we will fight to get all political lobbying recorded and made public.

I am Isaac Nasedra, and I implore you to join me in the fight towards, a transparent and clean government, a future where wages are in line with the cost of living, and people are given the right to protest in a world that is clean and sustainable. I am running because, for too long, our voice has not been heard, and you matter.