James Mullan


Hi, I’m James 

It’s time for the North Shore to take control of our future. From better transport to more investment in public facilities, environmental protection and affordable housing, we can have a brighter future.

I’m a Wollstonecraft local who currently works for local newspaper North Sydney Sun as well as with our local basketball club, Norths Bears. Throughout my life I have worked across several industries including retail, hospitality, logistics, government, marketing, childcare, NGO charities and recently ran for North Sydney Council.

Every day, I hear the concerns of our community as they see our natural environment destroyed, community infrastructure fall apart and the cost of living going through the roof. Meanwhile, The Liberals no longer stand for our values, showing they are more interested in itself than our community.

North Shore, it's time to go Green! With your help we can have a genuine local representative that fights for what is important to us.