Jeff Passlow

Candidate for Cootamundra

Global warming is the defining challenge of our generation. I want to be able to tell my grandchildren that I did something to remedy it.

Born in Gundagai, I moved to the South Coast as a child. I received a BSc in biomedical science and was Senior Medical Scientist, Pathology in Nowra for many years. After moving to Stockinbingal, my discontent with both the LNP and Labor grew stronger, until, as a senior citizen, I joined the Greens.

The government-run concentration camps on Manus and Nauru were the final straw for me. It was beyond belief that the government of my Australia, a country I love, could treat people that way. I could no longer just sit by and complain.

The Greens have the global warming policy that best reflects the science. The Greens have the strongest commitment to treating refugees with compassion.

With age there sometimes comes wisdom.  I look forward to representing the electorate of Cootamundra as a member of the Greens.
Cootamundra is a huge electorate with varied needs throughout. I will make every effort to talk to our residents about these needs, and will work hard to address problems expediently.