Jenny Goldie

Candidate for Monaro

I’m Jenny Goldie, The Greens candidate for the seat of Monaro, which has been my home for 28 years.

I am standing for election on 25 March because we need urgent action to address environmental and social crises, including climate change, biodiversity loss and homelessness.

My background is in science and journalism, having worked as a science teacher, a researcher for senators in Parliament House, and as a science communicator with CSIRO. Equally important has been my volunteer work, including setting up Climate Action Monaro.

Towns and rural districts across Monaro are feeling the impact of global warming on their health, homes and livelihoods, from more extreme droughts to bushfires and floods.

As a Greens candidate, I’m committed to a rapid shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy, better energy efficiency, more electrical vehicles, public transport services and active transport, as well as planting millions of trees to sequester carbon.

These actions will help us cut greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2035 which is needed to have the best chance of staying below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Owning a small farm in Michelago for 23 years, I saw firsthand the challenges of invasive weeds and the impact of degraded habitat. We need to help farmers preserve biodiversity and store more carbon in the soil. And all hard-hooved animals such as feral horses and deer must be removed from Kosciuszko National Park before the fragile alpine ecology is destroyed.

Neither the Coalition nor Labor are addressing these critical issues. Only the Greens are committed to real and urgent action. Together, with your support, we can tackle climate change with ambitious emission reduction targets, preserve biodiversity by protecting native forests, and ensure that everyone has adequate housing and social support to meet their essential needs.