John Mackenzie

Dr John Mackenzie has been a Newcastle City Councillor since 2017. He is a social researcher and policy consultant with over fifteen years’ experience in academic, government and consulting roles. Over this time, he has worked around the country on policy initiatives that bring communities together to find solutions to complex, divisive and intractable natural resource management problems, such as water allocation in the Murray Darling Basin and First Nations water rights in Cape York.

As the former co-ordinator of the Hunter Community Environment Centre, Dr Mackenzie helped coordinate the community campaigns against the fourth coal terminal and for covered coal wagons and coal stockpiles. He is a father of two young Novocastrians.

Dr Mackenzie said, “I am deeply committed to the sustainability, vitality, and prosperity of this region. The Greens can and will deliver positive change for Newcastle, that will guarantee a liveable, safe, and generous future for our city and its future generations.”