Jordan Jensen

Candidate for Port Stephens

My name is Jordan Jensen, and I'm a local business person who has lived in Port Stephens and the Hunter region for most of my life.

I got into politics because I think there are two main ways you can make the change you want to see in the world.

One is grass-roots, through what you do in the community and how you shape your local culture. I do this through my eco-tourism business and close to zero-waste cafe in Nelson Bay. I think the presence of businesses which actively care about environmental and social issues goes a long way to changing the culture of an area and the issues it cares about.

The second is through top level legislation changes and policy to create a legal environment which powerfully guides businesses and government to be held accountable and supported to be responsible over how they operate, both socially, environmentally and otherwise.

New South Wales has the potential to be an even more incredible place to live, but to do that it needs to escape the shackles of large corporations controlling policy and media.

My focus is going to be on transparency, support for businesses to have a positive environmental and social impact, and above all, effective mental, emotional, physical and financial support for people and the environment.

  • Jordan is completing his Bachelor of Environmental Management majoring in sustainability and biodiversity at the University of Newcastle to further his understanding of how the economy and environment can support each other.
  • He is a Director for the Junto Men Hub in Newcastle, a centre focusing on helping young men and dads improve their physical, mental and emotional health
  • His businesses donate to local regeneration projects every year