Joseph Nicita

Greens Candidate for Hornsby

Hi, I'm Joseph Nicita.

I'm a local councillor of Hornsby Shire, childcare worker, media student and enthusiastic charity volunteer. As the grandson of Italian immigrants, my family has been proud to call Hornsby Shire home for over fifty years.

With the addition of two Greens councillors in 2017, Hornsby Shire Council has achieved big things. The Council is one of the biggest employers in northern Sydney and I've been working hard to implement domestic violence leave for all employees. We also signed up to the Cities Power Partnership and committed to planting 25,000 new trees by 2020. 

But at a state level, the NSW government could and should be doing so much more on climate change. Urgent and sustained action now will help us avoid the worst impacts of climate change and with strong leadership, our state has the potential to be a world leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies.

During my time as councillor, many residents have expressed to me their frustration with the Berejiklian government. This government has failed to protect public green spaces and improve public transport infrastructure, all the while selling out local communities to big-money developers through rampant overdevelopment.

Councillors need to have their planning powers returned to properly address overdevelopment. Families and young people need affordable housing and local opportunities to ensure they stay in our amazing community for years to come. And we need a sustainable, comprehensive vision for the future of our beloved bushland home.

As the Greens candidate for Hornsby I share our party’s commitment to creating a fairer, more liveable society and drawing on the power of grassroots, community action.

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