Karen Stewart

My childhood was spent in NSW’s rural hub of Dubbo before moving to Sydney’s beachside suburb of Maroubra to attend university. I eventually settled in Camden which has provided me with the perfect blend of rural and urban lifestyles for the last twenty years.

Living in Camden has made me acutely aware of challenges faced by the community such as housing affordability and the climate crisis impacts like flooding and fires. I am determined to amplify the voices of my community to ensure action is taken to address these vital issues.

My accounting career has taken me from the corporate world in an ASX listed telecommunications company to my own local public practice accounting firm. My business experience has highlighted the importance of economic policies that acknowledge effects on both the society and the environment. Having been involved in auditing, I understand the necessity of oversight and accountability. The Federal Government must justify their actions and decisions to Parliament and the Australian people. There remain too many unanswered questions to media enquiries and numerous matters raised by the Auditor-General merely dismissed. Integrity amongst parliamentarians is crucial to responsible government, and the people of Hume deserve a Member who welcomes scrutiny.

As a mother to four, I understand keenly the many challenges facing families and households. Our policy for economic security for women will empower women with real changes to social and financial policies addressing Australia’s lagging Global Gender Gap rankings.

I volunteer in various not-for-profits in the community which has allowed me to witness the very real effects of government policy shortcomings. Families benefit from affordable childcare, a strong parental leave scheme, and flexible working arrangements that offer women the opportunity for realistic workforce participation with a reasonable earning capacity. Free tertiary education would provide security for parents and students in knowing there are a wealth of opportunities available for the future. It also allows mature aged people to reskill to ensure employment in an ever-changing work environment. I am dedicated to addressing these funding issues and policy changes that can clearly alleviate financial pressures in our households.