Karl Attenborough

Greens NSW House of Representatives Candidate for the seat of Lyne Karl Attenborough is a recognised Recreational Angler who is a passionate advocate for protection of the environment, social justice and ethical and sustainable fishing. Karl served as a NSW Police officer for over 15 years in remote indigenous towns where he was commended for reducing serious crime and improving relationships between police and the community.

“I believe there is a solution to every problem”

It is an honour to represent The Greens in one of the most pristine environments on the New South Wales Mid North Coast and to have the capacity to focus on preserving our quality of life rather than corporate interests. In my work for you as a Greens candidate I am committed to ensuring there is open, transparent and accountable government, that the environment is protected, and that any Australian who falls upon hard times is taken care of. That’s why I’m in politics.

I know many Australians in the seat of Lyne are struggling to make ends meet, with rising education and medical costs. For many, the dream of owning their own home is fading. People are also really concerned that unless we tackle the Climate Crisis now, irreparable damage will be done to our unique environment.

The Greens have a comprehensive plan to extend Medicare by bringing dental and mental health into a truly universal insurance system. We also have a plan to build affordable, accessible, high-quality homes; to end homelessness and slash public housing waiting lists. Instead of giving public money to big corporations and billionaires, the Greens will invest that money in our education and health system, and into policies that mitigate the effects of climate change.

I am confident we can achieve change to protect the climate, restore the environment and deliver an equitable outcome for all Australians. Working together, we can achieve genuine, meaningful change.

I’m proud to be part of a party that relies upon grass roots democracy and rejects corporate donations. I’m committed to working with you and, using the position you give me, to place integrity above all. I will push for a professional and accountable government that puts people and the planet before profit and self-interest.