Kim Grierson

Candidate for Lake Macquarie

I’m Kim Grierson and I am a candidate for the Greens because they are the only party to take climate change seriously. I first heard about climate change in 1976 at the University of Newcastle but the fossil fuel industry has been just too good at spreading climate change confusion and denial so here we are today in a climate emergency with super droughts, floods, storms, beach erosion, increasing sea levels and ever higher temperatures.

I want to see the coal ash waste from our power stations recycled and reused to provide jobs and to stop the pollution from those toxic ash dams.

I have always cared about social justice and the environment. Working in education for over 27 years has convinced me of the value of free education.  I strongly sympathise with students who can be saddled with enormous debt from their studies.

I have taken up voluntary roles all through my life including Amnesty International, school P&C plus various community groups such as Save our Coast, the Coal Ash Community Alliance, Coal Ash Research and the Community Consultative Committee for Eraring Power Station.

I ask for your vote and will do everything I can to see our great policies enacted to improve Lake Macquarie.