Len Hobbs

Hi, I’m Len Hobbs your Greens candidate for Blacktown in the March election.

I’ve lived in Seven Hills for the last 20 years, and I’ve been campaigning in this area for the last 15 years. You may have seen me at local shopping centres and train stations handing out leaflets and papers. I teach English to international students, and my wife is a nurse.

I last ran as a candidate in December 2021 in Ward 2 in the council elections. We got our highest vote to date, a sure sign of the growing trust that local community members have in Greens priorities and values.

I’m running as a candidate because I’m passionate about social and environmental issues. Here are the ones that I’m prioritising:

  1. Stopping the pokies pain. Blacktown comes fourth in the NSW league table of LGAs that have high pokies losses. A staggering 288 million dollars was lost at the pokies in 2021 in the Blacktown LGA. The Greens are the only party really to be grappling with this issue. We have a five-point plan to stop the suffering that pokies cause.
  2. Renters’ rights. Highlights of our comprehensive policy include an end to unfair “no grounds” evictions, and a capping of rent increases through linkage to the Consumer Price Index.
  3. No waste-to-energy incinerators. We must remain vigilant to ensure that the incinerators proposed for the Blacktown area are never built.
  4. Protecting our TAFE. As an ex-TAFE teacher, I’m convinced that TAFE land such as we have in Blacktown should never be sold off, and that TAFE education should be accessible and free.
  5. Bringing overdevelopment under control. Overdevelopment is a hugely important issue in our area! For example:
  • New houses are often crammed in as close to each other as possible to ensure maximum profits for developers.
  • Alternatively, developers concentrate on building large, expensive homes at the expense of affordable housing.
  • Grassy areas with trees and shrubs are concreted over, which reduces the canopy cover we need to keep our suburbs cool.
  • Too many developers are failing to fit light-coloured roofs, which can reduce inside temperatures by as much as 4 to 5 degrees Celsius in summer.

If elected to represent you in the NSW Parliament, I’ll be working to ensure that future housing developments are better suited to our climate and provide affordable, high-quality accommodation.

Please vote ONE THE GREENS on March 25 in both the lower and the upper house to make a real difference.