Linda Eisler


I was a councillor on Canterbury Council and then Canterbury Bankstown Council from 2008 until January this year. During my time on council, I worked hard to improve communication between council and residents in a meaningful way and promote transparency.  

I've been council’s representative to the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils where I sponsored a major project to promote solar panels. As chairperson of the GreenWay for many years, I spoke to media, highlighting the value of light rail and the bicycle route from Cooks River to Iron Cove.

All Australians have a right to be adequately housed and have access to education and medical support. They also have a right to sufficient and appropriate employment.

I am well known for my extensive work in disability, the environment (having set up the first Environment and Sustainability Committee in Canterbury), ending overdevelopment and corruption, as a community liaison, and supporting community projects such as community gardens. I am always honest and willing to represent all residents’ issues.

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