Llynda Nairn

Candidate for Cessnock

Llynda has a breadth of experience as a performer, as a small business operator, and in presenting educational shows in schools throughout Australia. She has also worked with the Arts Health Institute as a Humour Therapist, for people living with dementia.

'I have had wonderful opportunities in my life to travel across Australia and meet so many people including school children and teachers, from Kalgoorlie to Kurri!’

‘I view being the Greens’ candidate for Cessnock as just the latest opportunity to meet and talk with as many people as possible about how we can help Cessnock thrive.'

‘The thing I enjoy most about Cessnock is the sense of community we have here.’

‘The Greens focus for Cessnock in this election is on campaigning for more local health services, reducing the flow of money into poker machines, and of course increasing our role in the renewable energy industry.’

‘I'm so proud to be part of The Greens whose long track record of promoting renewable energy is now being adopted throughout Australia and NSW. Part of that pride is in knowing that a renewable energy revolution can create more jobs for NSW residents than are currently provided by coal and gas.’

‘Cessnock has been a huge part of the energy industry in NSW for over 100 years and The Greens want to see Cessnock play an active role in renewable energy zones as they become reality in the Hunter Valley.’

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