Louise Ihlein

My name is Louise Ihlein and I am running as the Greens candidate for Paterson.

I have always been politically engaged throughout my life. I joined the Greens after the leadership spill which gave us morrison, as I recognised how dangerous he was as Immigration Minister. After having some eye-opening experiences with racism and social injustice, I wanted to see Australia take progressive steps towards meaningful social justice and refugee policies. Seeing people as the other and yelling at refugees does not sit well with me, and I will fight for change so we can achieve justice for First Nations Peoples and those who seek refuge in our beautiful country.

I am a former registered nurse with 30 years experience working primarily in paediatrics and Neonatal Intensive Care as well as general practice. As a nurse I witnessed the pressures that our public health system experiences and I will fight for increased funding for our public hospitals so our health professionals and patients can access the support they need. I will also advocate for the expansion of Medicare so that Australians can access the mental health and dental services they need. Money should not be a barrier to health.

I believe that environmental justice is connected to the economic system of extraction and increasing of inequality, and that neoliberalism is the undoing of democracy. That’s why I will fight to ensure that billionaires and corporations pay their fair share in taxes and that we get dirty money out of politics. I will also fight for workers’ rights and look to put an end to the insecure working conditions which casualisation brings.

A deeper understanding of our world and the institutions which govern it are vital if we are to enact meaningful progressive change. That’s why I have begun further studies in Development Studies with a major in Citizens and Citizenship in order to equip myself with the skills and knowledge I need to serve the Paterson community. I am passionate about learning and education, and I think every single Australian should have access to free and high-quality education all the way from early childhood to TAFE and University.

As the Greens candidate for Paterson and with the Greens in the balance of power, I will fight for a better future for all Australians.