Lynne Saville

Hi my name is Lynne and I am excited to stand as candidate for the federal election because:

"I have a long standing deep interest in community, health and environment and believe we need real positive change in government. We need urgent action to mitigate climate change, protect the natural environment, bring dental and mental health into Medicare, improve social equity, ensure affordable housing and integrity in government. 

My campaign will focus on renewable energy reaching net zero emissions; that Australia should be a renewable energy super-power, an exporter of renewable energy; well-funded public education; affordable public transport; affordable and public housing.  I support healthcare not warfare and oppose the current governments’ fear mongering risking catastrophe. 

The environment has suffered by lack of action from the government and an economic model that prioritises growth over sustainability. We need environmental policy that is socially progressive and evidence based.   

We need genuine people in government, people who value the community and environment in meaningful, ways.  My skills and experience include advocacy, community engagement, social justice, with strong sense of values and integrity. My background as health professional and educator builds on those strengths including understanding that health and environment are inextricably inter-linked.

I love North Sydney, having attended high school, lived and worked in North Sydney for many years, its harbor setting, bushland, open spaces, streetscapes, facilities and strong sense of community.

It was my great privilege to have been elected to Willoughby Council for 4 terms, 3 as a Greens Councillor, I worked alongside people and groups that form the rich tapestry of our communities, with their ‘brains trust’ and commitment.  I engaged in planning, environment, access, heritage, budgets, traffic, community services, the arts & appreciate the need to provide public infrastructure for present and future populations.  I proudly  initiated and/or supported  projects such as stormwater upgrades; the environmental levy; conservation areas and heritage; improved energy efficiency and solar farm; Councils Climate Emergency policy; Smoke free playgrounds and public spaces; councils refugee friendly strategy and Nuclear free policy; campaigned for student facilities at Chatswood Public School; Member successful Save Chatswood High School committee; and opposed removal of height & FSR limits from Chatswood CBD plans;

I served on external committees including Sydney Coastal Councils Group each council term, Deputy Chair and Chair 5 years representing coastal & estuary councils and 1.2M residents."


Professional background:  Registered Nurse, OHN, Masters App. Sc

  • Extensive experience nursing, community health and education.
  • Managed Hawkesbury Food Program improving food security, founding member Hawkesbury Harvest.  Founding member and past president Sydney Food Fairness Alliance.
  • Lecturer, Health Sciences, currently sessional academic. 
  • Member NSW Nurses union.
  • Member Medical Association Prevention of War (MAPW) National Council.  
  • Member RNSH Community Participation and Planetary Health committees.
Lynne is a conscientious and active member of The Greens because it reflects and advocates many policies that align with her personal values and priorities. She is keen to take these values to the Federal government.