Masoomeh Asgari

Candidate for Auburn

Hi, I’m Masoomeh, your Greens candidate for the district of Auburn in the upcoming state election.

I’m an Iranian-born Australian, and I have been fortunate to benefit from opportunities in Australia and to live with nice people. Now I want to give back to the community.

Before I came to Australia, I was a lecturer at the University of Tehran. I moved here with my husband and daughters in 2000 because I wanted to further my studies, but also because I knew there was no future for my daughters in Iran.

I have worked at the University of New South Wales Library, and as an accredited translator and interpreter. For several years, I also volunteered my services as an interpreter to help Afghan refugees in Auburn settle into their new lives in Australia.

I’m standing as a Greens candidate because Greens’ goals and polices are very close to my heart. The Greens support women’s rights, including the rights of women in Iran. I also have a great love of nature, and I want to work with the Greens to protect the environment. As well, the Greens are also focused on creating a better future for the next generation of Australians by tackling climate change and the housing crisis.

If elected, I will:

  • Campaign for women’s equality and safety.
  • Advocate for multiculturalism and multilingualism, including increased funding for multicultural services in the Auburn electorate and across Western Sydney.
  • Support public education and health by pushing for an immediate pay rise for teachers, nurses, midwives and paramedics.

Australia is my home. I believe it is the greatest country on earth. With your vote, I will work tirelessly towards a fairer, greater future.