Matthew Cox

I am not your usual career politician, I am a long standing Hills community member who can see the glaring need for Australian politics to change.

Up until now, I have been kept busy being a father of two, and working as a veterinarian, running a large, family-owned practice with my wife in Western Sydney.

I have always been an advocate of creating a safe and enriching workplace culture, enabling team members to thrive and grow. Given the state of the current, broken political system, I feel that community leaders who have developed skills such as these, need to step up to provide authentic representation that benefits people and not profit.

Coming from a modest family background, I value honesty, integrity and hard work and recognize the need for stronger social justice and equality. I have been fortunate to have education and life experience in the medical, science and business fields, and have a deep understanding of future climate and ecological challenges.

Traveling the world widely on a working visa ignited my love for exploring wild and remote places, and experiencing life in a diverse range of cultures. As a sportsman I am keen to play by the rules but I don’t always take life so seriously - you may catch me on my mountain bike, the tennis court or having the (very occasional) game of golf.

In the current political climate, I think it is crucial to be collaborative, insightful, and a good listener. I am optimistic that together we can create a brighter, healthier, fairer, and more livable future when the right people are elected to serve our community.

In contrast to our current trajectory of continued rapid growth in GDP, I am inspired by a new model of economics which allows for all people to live with dignity and comfort but within planetary boundaries. I am positively inspired by the fast implementation of solutions that already exist to address the climate crisis.

On a recent trip to the Great Barrier Reef, I was saddened that while snorkeling with my daughters, they experienced dying and bleached corals, compared to the alive and vibrant ones I witnessed while honeymooning only 20 years ago. We need fast action to reverse the ecologically harmful conditions that humanity has created. We need to reduce the risk to our future on this planet, for ourselves and the many wonderful species, plants and animals, we share it with. We have a chance to do this, while vastly improving the quality of life for all of us.

We need leaders that have real-life experience, not just career politicians living within their bubble. By voting for the Greens, we can get dirty fossil fuel money and vested interests out of politics and create a more just, healthier, and brighter future for us all - although time is running short!

A vote for the Greens is NEVER a wasted vote. Send the big parties a message,  We want a different type of politics and a system that works ….. For ALL of us.