Megan McEwin

Greens Candidate for Vaucluse

Hi, I’m Megan McEwin.

I’m a lawyer, mother and Eastern suburbs local. I’m also a Councillor at Woollahra Council.

As a committed environmentalist, I want to see Australia meet its Paris Accord obligations and move to 100% renewable energy by 2030. I want to see our Harbour and oceans plastic free and teaming with healthy life. We can have well-funded schools, fast and convenient public transport, affordable housing and a planning system for people not profit.

I am a keen cyclist and want to see more local kids riding and walking safely to school as I did when I was a child. Our daughter attends the local public school. I want her and all the kids in Vaucluse to have a new, local, public high school.

As a Councillor, I have worked hard to respond to residents’ concerns. Together, we've improved our local area by pushing for increased tree canopy, bike paths to every school and transport hub, and new design rules to ensure there is appropriate infrastructure for electric vehicles. I have supported increased funding for survivors of domestic violence and sourcing Council’s energy needs from renewable energy sources. I have also fought against the wedding factory at Gap Bluff and the new planning rules that deprive residents of a voice in local planning decisions.

As a lawyer in telecommunications for the past 20 years, I understand the speed of technological change that we are facing in the world.

Most of all, I want to create a cleaner and kinder world for our children and grandchildren.

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