Michael Bayles

Candidate for Riverina

Hi, I’m Michael. My core values and beliefs are underpinned by The Greens' four pillars of ecological sustainability, grassroots participatory democracy, social justice, and peace and non-violence.

I have resided in the area since my retirement eight years ago, which is also when I joined the Greens NSW. I am a retired food technologist having worked in the food industry for thirty-six years. I grew up on a dairy farm in Northern Tasmania, graduated in agricultural science at The University of Tasmania and went on to do a Postgraduate Diploma in Food Technology at the University of NSW.

Ours is a safe Nationals seat held by the Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack, but this rural community is feeling the effects of climate change with record high temperatures, severe thunderstorms, and drought. I was spurred to run for Parliament after the release of the IPCC report on climate change last year and the subsequent lack of government action.

Together, we can:

  1. Tackle climate change by rapidly transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy;
  2. Have world-class free education from early childhood through to university and TAFE;
  3. Fund world-class public schools, hospitals, public transport and social services; and
  4. Immediately close offshore detention and bring refugees to Australia.

I’ll represent the Riverina community’s values in Parliament and hold the major parties to account. Together we can create a fairer and cleaner future for all of us.