Phil Bradley

Hi! I’m Phil Bradley and have been a City of Parramatta Councillor since 2017.

I am passionate about creating a jobs-rich economy powered by clean renewable energy and I will promote Parramatta's great natural and built heritage, including by lobbying for UNESCO World Heritage listing of the Female Factory Precinct.

I was the Greens candidate for Parramatta in previous NSW and Federal elections and have lived with my spouse Annie Nielsen in the Parramatta area for 27 years. I have two daughters. I am a civil engineer, and was a TAFE teacher, head teacher and an Assistant General Secretary of the NSW Teachers Federation.

If elected, I will be much better empowered to advocate even more strongly than I do now for:

  • free public education for early childhood education, school, TAFE and university
  • Medicare to be protected and expanded to include dental and mental health
  • a jobs-rich clean renewable energy future to mitigate extreme heat and floods and drive energy costs down
  • building a million affordable homes and giving renters much stronger rights
  • redistributing wealth from billionaires and rich corporations to other Australians
  • improving rights for First Nations Peoples and refugees, and
  • promoting ethical governance, ecological sustainability, social justice and peace.

I have won a National Volunteer Award for dedicated leadership in the Parramatta Climate Action Network, Parramatta Female Factory Action Group and as President of Reconciliation for Western Sydney for 20 years. I also volunteer with Parramatta Bush care and the Better Planning Network.

As an active unionist throughout my career, I have played a significant role in achieving better pay and employment conditions for workers, including in the “Your Rights at Work” campaign. I also opposed attacks on workers’ occupational health, safety and injury compensation.

I am a Life Member of the Australian Education Union, NSW Teachers Federation and TAFE Teachers Association.