Pieter Morssink

Hi, I am Pieter-Joris Morssink. I grew up in western Sydney and have many fond memories of living and growing here, I still live here today.

Like many families, my mum did it tough. She brought up 4 children in a housing commission house, on a single parents’ pension.

I was fortunate enough to get through school and eventually attend TAFE, where I became a tradesman.

Travelling home from work, I was in a serious accident. I am lucky to be alive.

After several years of recuperating, I was in and out of work, unable to find suitable employment I eventually went to the University of Western Sydney where I eventually graduated with a BA History, Politics and Philosophy. I later reattended the same university to study Master of Teaching (Secondary) to become a high school teacher.

My tenure in the world of teaching was short lived, as my calling is working with disadvantaged youth, which I have been providing care and support to many for over 16 years now.

Today, there are many issues currently that affect thousands, if not millions of people in and around western Sydney today.

· Affordable housing

· The rising cost of living/cost of education

· A sustainable and fossil fuel-free future

· The privatisation of public infrastructure

· Welfare systems that provide a lack of financial sustenance for families

The list goes on…

I believe that the Greens have a good policy structure in their vision for affordable housing; namely the million homes project where houses being built are of high standards, not the ‘shoebox’ type development that we are seeing today.

I agree with the Greens as they will ensure these houses are equipped with solar energy and for Solar energy to be installed onto all households in Australia, to create a sustainable future, one not dependent on fossil fuels.

I believe the in the Greens party and their policy to tax the ‘big end of town’, namely the mining companies other blue-chip companies that pay next to no tax. This is simply not a fair system.

This massive saving can then be passed onto all families in Australia, where the government is able to be able to provide higher standards of living for all, a higher welfare payment for struggling families, No TAFE or University fees, no price hikes for privatised companies like electricity and gas that are sold off to private interests…

If there is a fairer tax system, it would be able to provide a fairer living standard for all families in Australia.



Pieter Morssink, Greens for Lindsay

02 9045 6999