Qiu Yue Zhang

Greens Candidate for Ku-ring-gai

Hi, I’m Qiu Yue Zhang.

I'm a long time resident of the upper north shore, presently living in Gordon. I came to Australia as a teenager and after finishing high school obtained Honours in Advanced Science and a Masters of Technology Management. I have worked in medical research and financial services. I am currently undertaking postgraduate research in Economics at Macquarie University, completing a Doctor of Philosophy on “democracy, redistribution, and inequality”.

I am running for Ku-ring-gai because of a deep concern about global warming. Australia must do our part to keep global average temperature rise below 1.5 degrees within the next 12 years, in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. Australia is particularly prone to a warmer climate and faces longer bushfire seasons, severe droughts and an eroding coastline.

I have a 9-year-old daughter, and as a mother, I strongly feel that universal childcare is one of the best ways our society can empower women. My daughter is a constant source of strength and inspiration. Together she and I worked on the Stop Adani campaign and on past polling days as Greens volunteers.

Living in Ku-ring-gai, we love our area’s bushland, which has levels of biodiversity matching the entirety of the British Isles. It is heartbreaking to see reckless rezoning and irresponsible development threaten our trees and animals. It is horrifying to see the NorthConnex tunnel endanger the health of thousands of school children, with emission stacks placed in the heart of Wahroonga and no internal filtration system.

Environmental justice and social justice go hand in hand. The next decade is crucial for politics to look after the welfare of the majority, not just the top one percent, and to ensure all Australians have access to adequately funded public education, health care, and social security. Our state government must be accountable for securing the future of our precious wildlife and natural environment and create a sustainable economy for all Australians.

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