Ralph Stephenson

Candidate for The Entrance

Hi, I’m Ralph Stephenson

I’m passionate about life long, high quality education, ensuring worker’s rights and protecting the natural environment. Together, we can bring about social and ecological justice by electing more Greens, and building a local movement for change.

I’m proud to be the candidate for The Greens for The Entrance. I’ve lived in Bateau Bay for 40 years, on a block that still has large trees and native shrubs. I’m also passionate about the marine environment, so I volunteer at the Terrigal Marine Centre.

I’m well known across the north of the Central Coast as a teacher who worked with difficult children in schools. I have been a Teachers Federation rep in school. I’m a strong advocate for all children to have access to a free, quality, public education system. The Greens policy for free TAFE and university will allow kids to also access the training they need to explore the world, and prepare for whatever vocation they wish to follow, without being burdened or stopped by student debt.

If I’m elected, I’ll work with our other great Greens MPs to

  • To tackle climate change locally by stopping clear-felling on new housing developments and ending native forest logging on the Coast

  • Ensure everyone has a home

  • Fund world class public schools, hospitals, public transport and social services

There are more important things than money. Together, we can make a difference for each other and the planet.