Ray Goodlass

Candidate for Wagga Wagga

I acknowledge the people of the Wiradjuri Nation as the traditional custodians of this land. It always was and always will be First Nations people’s land.

It was never ceded and the only way to achieve true reconciliation is through all three recommendations of the Uluru Statement from the Heart, which the Greens will work to see implemented: Truth, Treaty, and the Voice to Parliament.

I’ve lived in Wagga for over 40 years. I have been a Greens member for over twenty years and an activist for much longer. I’m a retired university lecturer, former trade union organiser. I was the first openly gay Wagga Wagga City Councillor and Deputy Mayor. I am an active volunteer in many community, environmental and social justice organisations.

One of my Campaign Slogan is ‘For the People and the Planet, For the Many not the Few’.

The Perrottet coalition government lets the people down and the Opposition has nothing of substance to offer. Only the Greens have the radical policies needed to fix this broken system. We can deal with climate change, rescue the environment and achieve social and economic justice for all.

We need to prioritise ecological sustainability to ensure that the planet continues to provide a welcoming home for all life.

Threatened species and at-risk environments must be protected to ensure biodiversity, which is essential for the good health of the people and the planet.

To achieve social and economic justice we will end the privatisation of services, infrastructure and resources that dominates the policies of the major parties, by returning them to public ownership.

We will sustainably resource public schools, hospitals and libraries. All levels of education, from childcare through to TAFE and universities, must be free, as should public transport, including very fast trains. The inland rail must by-pass population centres and environmentally threatened land.

We can really bring down energy prices by returning gas and electricity to the public sector.

Universal housing would solve the problem of housing affordability. Everyone would get the decent home they deserve.

We will solve the problem of stagnant wage growth by introducing a Universal Wellbeing Payment as a regular payment made to each of us to ensure our minimum standard of wellbeing. No means testing, no bureaucracy, so that all can live with dignity.

I’ll represent our community’s values in parliament and hold the major parties to account. Together we can create a more fair and cleaner future for all of us.