Rebecca Watkins

Rebecca Watkins, Greens Candidate for Wallsend, has experienced poverty and homelessness – she knows the physical and mental toll of trying to make ends meet and has witnessed what it has done to family, friends, and neighbourhoods. For the longest time Beck felt ashamed about her past but now sees it as her strength; it’s because of her experiences with welfare payments, job insecurity, homelessness, and mental health issues that Beck became involved in politics and determined to fight for fairness and an optimistic future.

Beck has called Newcastle home since 2018. She is a disability support worker and currently in her final year doing a degree in Global Indigenous Studies with a major in Human Services. She has worked in customer service, volunteered with arts organisations, and has completed several TAFE courses. 

She’s infuriated that the major parties have consistently failed the people of NSW, they have:

  • Acknowledged income, job, and housing insecurity but do nothing to fix it. 
  • Neglected to adequately fund vital infrastructure projects, health, and education services.
  • Sold off public assets at greater cost and lower quality to consumers. 

Beck believes that the Greens are a voice for those who are marginalised and disempowered by a political system that continues to fuel inequality.