Rob Vail

Hi! I’m Rob Vail.

I’m running because the community needs a strong, lifelong advocate for action to bring climate change under control. Public education and public health also need attention after 12 years of neglect by the Liberal National Party.

Why Riverstone? I have lived in Quakers Hill for the last 36 years—more than half my life. I want to give back to our Western Sydney community, and I feel that I’m already a leader here. The long-term Riverstone MP Kevin Connolly is retiring, and the electorate deserves fresh ideas.

Until my retirement in 2014, I was a public-school teacher. I spent 30 of my 35 years of service at Quakers Hill Public School. I have a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from the University of Sydney and a Diploma of Education from Sydney Teachers College. While in the workforce, I was a committed unionist with the NSW Teachers Federation, culminating in 4 years as President of Blacktown Teachers Association.

My campaign priorities (see below) come from listening to locals, my life experiences, and our highly democratic NSW Greens party.

With climate change accelerating dangerously, I feel compelled to push for stronger action to mitigate the frequent flash floods, devastating droughts, searing heat waves and brutal bush fires.

All children deserve decent modern classrooms, not demountables. Our teachers deserve permanency, less paperwork and better salaries so that there are enough of them to teach all of our children.

Our hospitals need more, better paid nurses with manageable patient loads so that they will be there when we need them.

I stand for listening to local First Nations voices, not imposing powerful white men's ideas.

I stand for better public transport, safer, toll-free roads, and a doubling of the NSW government’s Fixing Local Roads funding so that Western Sydney councils gain support to fix the potholes.

I stand against any massive incinerators and for a stronger NSW Environmental Protection Agency.

I stand for renters’ rights and more affordable and social housing in a rapidly growing Western Sydney—and timely, planned infrastructure like schools, hospitals and community centres.

I stand against the proliferation of gambling, especially in Western Sydney where most people can’t afford to become addicted.

I stand for honesty and building community rather than lies, greed and corruption.