Robyn Thomas

Candidate for Dubbo

As a retired teacher, I am concerned at the educational inequity that exists in rural and regional NSW. I am a passionate advocate for public education. I would push the next state government to properly fund public schools with an emphasis on quality teaching and learning experiences for children outside our major cities. Everyone has a right to a quality education.

In line with this, the state of public hospitals is jeopardising the lives of many in the regions. Incentivising GPs, specialists and nurses to move out of cities should be a high priority. Being able to access specialist services is a human right.

And, of course, my concern for the environment has been a major driver of my involvement in The Greens. Land clearing, logging of our native forests, continuing to ravage the land with mining for coal, oil and gas and a lack of planning to move to zero carbon emissions are just some of the issues concerning me. 

As a mother, grandmother and educator I feel we need to rethink how we tackle the very serious issues facing us. The problems we face locally, nationally and globally will be most effectively addressed when politicians and governments and oppositions are more closely attuned to the interconnectedness of things. The four pillars of the Greens - ecological sustainability, grassroots participatory democracy, social justice and peace and non-violence - are magnet ideas that help us navigate the future, guiding our policy-making and action in the world. You can see what our policy priorities for this election are here. ”

Voters in the Dubbo electorate: I invite you to join us in addressing the challenge of the century, and help make a difference, by voting for the Greens in the Lower House and Upper House.