Ryan Brooke

I’m running because the people of the Tamworth electorate deserve an option for a strong stance on political integrity, ecological sustainability and climate action.

I have first hand experience with the issues facing our electorate. As a lifelong resident I’ve seen our region struggles with drought and the changing climate. As a cancer survivor I’ve unfortunately seen first hand the dire need for expanded regional health services. And as a worker I’m too familiar with the ever increasing cost of living.

I’m running for the Greens as we are the true social democratic choice in NSW. We fight for strong social safety nets, community focused policy, and real action to not only decarbonise our economy, but establish us to be a renewable energy superpower.

By voting Greens in the lower and upper houses we can put our passionate regional candidates at the table to fight for laws and policies that bolster our regional communities and preserve our environment for future generations.