Shelly McGrath

Hi, I’m Shelly, an activist and academic with a background in small business, and I’m excited to stand as a candidate for this election because I believe the time for change is now. 

While the last two years have presented us with unprecedented challenges as a global society, the pandemic has also highlighted the incompetence of current governments, who have failed to protect the most vulnerable within our communities. However, these failings have also created vital opportunities for those ready to fight for change, strengthening grassroots movements and the resolve to come together and organise.

I have lived and worked on the Central Coast since 2008 and am motivated to stand for a strong and diverse community deserving of representation committed to achieving better social, environmental and political outcomes for the area. My campaign will focus on the key issues I believe are most relevant to local concerns, incorporating policies that impact groups often overlooked by the major parties, such as young people and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

Building on existing community networks, I aim to pursue genuine engagement with local First Nations groups to begin building paths towards achieving Treaty and Truth-telling goals, essential steps in recognising the sovereignty and realising rights to self-determination. In addition to committing to action that fights the climate emergency, I will advocate for fairer access to housing, healthcare and education, and a national jobs and income guarantee to help create more financial security for young people. 

I believe in the power of connection and look forward to working with all people across the Coast to share our collective strengths and ensure a more inclusive and equitable future for everyone.