Sophie Edington

Candidate for Ryde

Hi, I'm Sophie Edington, and I'm running for the seat of Ryde in the NSW state election.

I've lived Ryde, on traditional Dharug lands, for ten years, and I share the concerns of the local community:

  • I believe strongly in tackling corruption in politics and restoring our democratic integrity.  Only when inappropriate influences are removed will our government start acting in the public interest.

  • I have been a renter for most of my adult life.  I'm worried about how quickly rents are rising, pricing many ordinary people out of our area, while the rising cost of living in general also makes life more difficult for homeowners.

  • As someone who commutes to the city for work, I want better public transport options, which allow people to travel to and from work quickly, with minimal impact on our environment.

  • As a mum, I want investment in our public education system, to support our amazing teachers to do their best by our children, to ensure that every kid has a great start in life.

  • I also know that any of us could find ourselves in need of the public healthcare system at any time, which is why I support better pay and working conditions for nurses.

  • Above all, I care about the future -- ensuring that our children have a liveable planet to enjoy throughout their lives, which means that climate action needs to be built into the way we address every issue.

I've chosen to run for the Greens in Ryde, because the Greens' have policies that address all of these key issues and are dedicated to a fair and equitable future for all.