Stuart Davis

Hi, I’m Stuart Davis.  I’ve lived and worked in Kingsford Smith for 26 years and raised my family here. I love this place.

I’m running as the local Green candidate because I just can’t sit back any longer and watch this beautiful planet being sacrificed on the altar of corporate greed.  I can’t sleep soundly while refugees languish for years in tiny hotel rooms and on island camps.  It breaks my heart that my own children are now burdened with a massive HECS debt when my own Uni degree was free, and that local housing costs have now put our enviable lifestyle out of reach for them.   The Greens are the only party that takes these issues seriously.

For 30 years I’ve directed choirs, led overseas group singing tours, and run thousands of singing workshops for kids and adults.  It’s taught me a lot about acting in the interests of the whole tribe over individual interests, and revealed to me the incredible power of community and friendship.  ‘We’ is always more powerful than ‘me’.

We’ve all been sold the lie that we can’t vote in line with our values – that a vote outside the two major parties is a ‘wasted’ vote and we just have to hold our noses and tick the ‘least worst’ of two mediocre options at the ballot box. The truth is that Australia has a voting system that allows each of us to vote in a way that sends a loud and clear message to Canberra about what we care about, regardless of who ultimately gets to form the Government.  Your vote will always count.

Now, more than ever, we need to elect bold decision-makers who share our personal values.   I’m convinced that the vast majority of Australians share very similar, very decent fundamental values, and I know that the Greens’ philosophy, policies and achievements all align very closely with these.  

If you value the health of the planet over corporate profits; if you value decency, integrity and equality; and if you value education and health above tax cuts for the rich then the Greens, and I, share your values. 

Together we can be part of a movement that votes the coalition out at this election, and puts the Greens into the balance of power.   

If you’re up early you’ll find me doing laps at one of our gorgeous beaches or ocean pools. If you see me, come and say hi!