Stuart Watson

Candidate for Port Macquarie

Hi, I am Stuart Watson.

As Greens candidate for the Port Macquarie, I am ready to serve the people of our beautiful region free of any influence from big corporations. I am standing due to the urgent need for real action on climate change, an area of major policy failure by successive governments over many years. 

I am a long term resident, husband and father, passionately committed to achieving opportunities for all of us to live a better life. I am a small business owner and renewable energy consultant, and have been involved in this industry for -- years, so understand in detail the potential and challenges ahead as we plan for a truly sustainable future.Otherwise, I love to cycle or sail as regularly as time allows.

Years ago I built my own electric vehicle, and continue to use this form of transport, which will play an important part in our future.  

We are now living with human induced climate change, effects that have been predicted for years by climate scientists. We owe it to our children and all species to act decisively and immediately to limit the damage. We have the skills and inventiveness to find the needed solutions, and are now being pushed even by our own school children to raise our game.

 I Am proud to be the member of a party that doesn't take donations from fossil fuel companies or other large corporations, a party that has always cared about the environment and social equality.  As member for Port Macquarie  I will sincerely act in the best interests of our community, without need to give ;value for money & to large corporate donors.

Together we can build a bright future future where no one is left behind.

Vote 1 The Greens.