Sue Higginson

Greens Candidate for Lismore

Hi, I'm Sue Higginson.

I'm a lawyer, farmer, and grandmother. I'm also the former CEO and Principal Solicitor of the Environmental Defenders Office NSW.

As a litigator, I was responsible for many high profile public interest environmental legal cases. When I took on Rio Tinto, their massive open cut coal mine expansion in the Hunter Valley was refused by the court. And I was integral to the setting aside of the Federal Government’s approval of the Adani open cut coal mine.

I have worked for communities all over NSW, including assisting many Aboriginal communities, to protect their land, water, cultural heritage, and local environment, in and outside of courts. I also have a background in criminal law and have represented hundreds of environmental protesters and activists. Most recently, I represented the Wollar 3, the first people to be charged under the NSW Government’s new anti-protester laws. 

I'm also a farmer. I grow dry-land rice on the beautiful Richmond Flood Plain in the Northern Rivers. I'm passionate about sustainable agriculture and food security and know first-hand that healthy landscapes are essential to high-quality food production. 

Before becoming a lawyer, I was an environmental activist and worked on the front lines to protect the last of our old growth forests on public land in northeast NSW. 

I have lived and worked in the Northern Rivers since my late teens. I raised my children there and now my grandchildren are growing there too. 

I have fought many big fights for communities seeking environmental justice. We have played by the rules and against all odds and deep pockets we have won. All too often, I have watched governments step in and use the Parliamentary process to change the rules to enable environmental harm. I am keen to join the growing Green team in parliament and contribute my advocacy and legal skills for a better future for us all.


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