Taylor Vandijk

Hello, I am Taylor Vandijk and I’m standing as your Greens candidate in the Federal seat of Barton.

I live in Bayside and I love being part of the community. I have worked in aged and disability care since I was 18, and this experience has made me passionate about the health sector. Growing up, I had my own battle with mental health and I’ve seen firsthand the fact that access is limited by how much you can afford. The health care sector was in crisis well before the COVID19 pandemic hit.  After more than two years, it’s obvious that we need better staff-to-patient ratios, and fair pay for care workers. To this end, I support the recent nurses strike for better pay and conditions.

Our Federal government has been woefully inadequate in tackling Climate Change. With recent devastating weather events such as the bushfires of 2020 and the extraordinary rains of 2022, the effects of denying Climate Change are now apparent. The science is clear. In the next decade, it is crucial that we enact sustainable, proactive policies to mitigate the climate risk to our community. The Greens have the strongest record of all parties on Climate Change, and I am a committed advocate for taking action now to address the climate emergency.

My environmentalism also extends to our local area, because we need a resilient holistic approach to the management of our urban environment. I am involved in community gardens, Bushcare and led a campaign to clean up our waterways, reduce our use of single-use plastic and improve our tree canopy.

Education is something I have never taken for granted, but one of the unfortunate things I have to show for it is a mountain of HECS debt. We need to make University and TAFE free.

Education and technology must be our priority. Without quality trained nurses to work in our hospitals and renewable energy technicians running our solar farms, we won’t be able to build a better health system and tackle the problems of human-induced climate change.

With your support, we can take our Green message straight to Canberra.  I look forward to working with all people of Barton to take action against Climate Change, improve our environment, support healthcare workers and make our healthcare and public education system more inclusive and equitable for everyone.