Tim Dashwood

Candidate for Wahroonga

I’m Tim Dashwood, your Greens candidate for Wahroonga.

My aim in running for Wahroonga is to push the NSW government towards sustainability and equality based on the Greens’ priorities.

Since joining the Greens some years ago I have supported changes that I strongly felt were needed, such as:

  • end coal and gas by 2030 and transition to renewables
  • make housing affordable
  • rescue our public healthcare system
  • ensure better pay and conditions for essential workers
  • stop the corrupting influence of the gambling industry

My professional background in The Arts and the corporate world has given me the experience to drive a sustainability agenda and facilitate collaboration through balance of power in the NSW Parliament to improve peoples’ lives.

I grew up in regional Queensland, I have a respect for community. I care deeply for the bushland we have on Sydney’s North Shore. I am raising my young family here and I plan for them to experience and value the green spaces that we have in this area.

If elected, I plan to focus on sustainability, communication and collaboration to improve the lives of individuals and groups. Importantly, I can collaborate with others to bring about changes by drawing competing ideas and arguments together to achieve a progressive outcome.