Tim Nott

Candidate for Coffs Harbour

Hi, I’m Tim Nott. I have an Environmental Science Degree from ANU and a Graduate Diploma in Marine Science from the NMSC. With 25 years experience within the development approval system, I have a detailed understanding of the issues and have experienced the rising cost of living and homelessness. Now training to be a builder, I am positioned well to assist the Coffs Harbour community to overcome the housing, biodiversity and pollution problems Coffs Harbour faces.

Australia has enough wealth to house everyone. The current legislation is allowing developers to drive outcomes. We need affordable housing for everyone, not excessive profit for the few. I will advocate for a planning system that prioritises stable housing, creating climate ready homes as well as funding the shortfall of public housing.

The predictions for a changing climate are happening in front of our eyes yet the leadership continues to deny, distract and deviate without protecting the people. Our jobs, our economy, our community, our biodiversity all at risk from National Party policies.

Our hardwood forests should be used to supply more than pallets, woodchips and firewood. Builders struggle to source native timbers, biodiversity is lost with mismanagement adding to the mass extinction. Roads damaged, waterways polluted, weeds and fire risk increased all for an economic loss. I support sustainable forest management and good stewardship of country.

Coal and gas use increase our cost of living. I am a strong advocate for publicly owned green power in Australia. With the natural resources we have in Coffs Harbour, we should be part of the electric revolution creating jobs, affordable power while protecting our natural assets.

Let’s become a global tourism destination. I support the Great Koala National Park with a new process for allowable activities, artificial reef and protection of our clean image. The Nationals have failed to protect the very values that gives our community good jobs, affordable housing and a stable climate. I will work to improve job opportunities and incomes, forcing regulators to do their job and stop the poisoning of our Coffs Coast waterways.

I will reintroduce responsible financial management. No more buying votes by cherry picking grants, no more lies about climate, infrastructure before development. A simple focus on efficient use of money while ensuring services are adequately funded to protect the community.

For a different outcome, Vote Greens for Coffs Harbour.